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Tattoo Supplies


 Below are some of the most common questions we receive from our customers.

Please feel free to reach out if you have a question that isn't addressed here, we're more than happy to help!

Do your artists also tattoo in color?

Yes, of course.

Do you sell any aftercare products?

Also yes. 

What if I really want a tattoo, but don't have a lot of money?

The larger the tattoo, the more expensive it becomes. You can always opt for a smaller piece if you're on a budget.

Also make sure to keep an eye on our Instagram, as we frequently run weekly specials and deals. 

Does getting a tattoo hurt?

No, very few tattoo artists experience any pain while tattooing.

...but your level of discomfort is really all dependent on your pain threshold and the location of the tattoo on your body.

Where are the more painful areas to get a tattoo?

Probably on a boat. We do not recommend getting

tattooed on a boat,  as the constant jostling could raise the potential for it to be more painful. 

Are my kids allowed in the tattoo shop with me?

Absolutely! We do ask that they remain in the lobby, hallway or bathroom areas though.

Under (almost) no circumstances are wee ones permitted to enter the tattoo rooms while a tattoo is in progress

(which is most of the time)

Are my pets allowed in the tattoo shop with me?

We wish!

Unfortunately, due to health and sanitation reasons, we cannot have any animals anywhere in the shop.

What is the tipping protocol for a tattoo session?

The tattoo business is a part of the service industry, and therefore falls under the same umbrella

as a bartender or Uber driver. Please consider the amount of time and care that goes into your tattoo

on the artist's part and show your appreciation in whatever way you can. 

I already paid an hourly rate for the tattoo, why should I have to pay more for a tip?

Please understand that the money you pay for your tattoo is not a direct payment to the artist.

This money goes toward their room/chair rental, PPE, cleaning supplies, inks,

needles, machines, power supply and many other materials needed for your tattoo.

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